Boost Up your
English Vocabulary Power

Acquire better listening, pronunciation, reading, and speaking skills from five different native English speakers.
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What we do

LANGSSE trains ESL students in the native style of using English words while developing their listening, reading, and speaking skills. 

Learn from Native speakers

Each teacher presents the words in different styles. The lessons are organically taught and in a friendly tone. They include images and examples explained in a real-life setting.

Efficient retention system

Our systematic repetitions from sentence drills, quizzes, tests and reviews imprint the lessons into your brain so you don’t forget what you have learned.

Designed and built for ESL students and teachers

Contains video tutorials, study materials, tips, quizzes, assessments, certificates, and much more.
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Allana Vadillo

“has a lot of pictures”
“real English sentences that students can use”
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Elly Han

“get a deep understanding of English words”
“gives an effective way to remember them”

Benefits of LANGSSE
Vocab Programs

Elevating Skills

In addition to improving vocabulary, the programs were created to enhance listening, reading and pronunciation skills.

Better Retention

Repetition is designed into the programs as this is the key to recollection. The words become imprinted in the brain.

Usable Examples

Example sentences were constructed for and are taught in real-life application. They can be used in daily conversations.
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